Limousine Services
Chauffeured limousine services


Transfers from and to airports, stations and ports…every day!

We organise transfers for our customers with passion and dedication, in the main Italian, European and international cities. Each service is managed with care and exclusivity; a real concierge service accompanies our customer during every trip, without leaving anything to chance, we learn about you and how to spoil you...

Each flight is monitored and our ground staff is constantly updated with the main office. Any change to the service order is notified in real time (H24 – 7/7) and through suitable checking and monitoring procedures, our order management system sends automatic notices and reminders at regular frequencies during the 24 hours prior to the service.
We look after every detail and monitor the service in real time through a communication system that follows the Customer in each transport phase: pick up, arrival at destination, any anomalies or changes compared to the travel program.

90% of our customers are international and choose us for leisure or business trips.