Chauffeured limousine services

Italian Limousine Network

...because each trip is an unforgettable experience!

Italian Limousine Network deals with chauffeured luxury limousine services since 1998. Our mission is to accompany our Customer in every trip, assist him, satisfy and anticipate his needs. These are not simple transfers, but emotions…because each trip is unique and unrepeatable! Most of our customers come from foreign countries and choose our services for leisure or business trips.

The history

Who is Walter Carniato?

Walter Carniato, Sole Director and majority shareholder of Clab Service Srl, was born in 1970 from a family of entrepreneurs. After obtaining a high-school degree with technical-business specialisation, he made his first work experiences in multi-national firms, leader in their own product sectors.

1991 was a turning point for him as he was hired by a primary category union organisation, among the most important and influential at national level. Young officer, at only 22 years of age, he undertook a brilliant professional and work experience, coming into contact with important managers of public administrations and top entrepreneurs who slowly trained him to become in just a few years, an expert consultant on road transport of freight and people.

Between 1993 and 1998, in virtue of the role covered, inborn relation skills, and trust that the association's managers had in him, he became member of multiple sector’s commissions and professional rolls at provincial, regional and national level. He contributed to formulate drafts and regulations specific for the road transport sector and organised and managed the first professional training courses, essential for those who wish to undertake the vehicle and bus rental activity.

In 1998, thanks to the experience accrued through the years and thick network of relations, he decided to begin his own entrepreneurial activity: a limousine service agency, led by a project leader open to innovation and new challenges.

Why us?

...Because we look after every detail!

From 1998 to today, our commitment focuses on providing a high quality service that allows us to think of any comfort for our Customer's trip, the way that he wants it.

...Because each service is tailor-made!

We personalise each trip according to the requests of each Customer, as a tailor would do!

...Because we offer luxury and high quality transfers!

We select the best vehicles for our fleet, mainly E, S and V class Mercedes and the most expert and multi-lingual chauffeurs to drive our customer, so that every trip is a unique and unforgettable experience!