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Limousine service: What to do in Rome city? 

Here's a brief itinerary of places not to be missed for those who come to visit in Rome city with exclusive limousine service.

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Limousine service Rome Ciampino airport  (CIA) link departures  limousine service Rome Ciampino  airport(CIA) link arrivals

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From to the Roman Forum with limousine service. The Roman Forum -  Forum Romanum,  is a small,  rectanglar forum surrounded by the ruins of ancient government buildings at the center of the city of Rome. Citizens of the ancient city referred to this marketplace as the Forum Magnum, or simply the Forum. It was for centuries the center of Roman public life.


From to il Pantheon with limousine service. The Pantheon is the Roman monument with the greatest number of records: the best preserved, with the biggest brick dome in the history of architecture and is considered the forerunner of all modern places of worship. It is the most copied and imitated of all ancient works.


From to Baths of Caracalla with limousine service. The Thermae Antoninianae, one of the largest and best preserved ancient thermal complexes, were built in the southern part of the city under the initiative of Caracalla, who dedicated the central building in 216 CE.


Vatican City  or Vatican City State,  in Italian officially Stato della Città del Vaticano is a landlocked sovereign city-state whose territory consists of a walled enclave within the city of Rome, Italy. It has an area of approximately 44 hectares (110 acres), and a population of just over 800.


From to Castel Sant'Angelo with limousine service. The Mausoleum of Hadrian, usually known as the Castel Sant'Angelo, is a towering cylindrical building in Rome. It was initially commissioned by the Roman Emperor Hadrian as a mausoleum for himself and his family. The building was later used by the popes as a fortress and castle, and is now a museum


From to the Quirinal Palace with limousine service - known in Italian as the Palazzo del Quirinale or simply Quirinale- is the current official residence of the President of the Italian Republic. It is located on the Quirinal Hill, the tallest of the seven hills of Rome, and is one of the most important palaces of Rome, for its historical, political and artistic features. It housed thirty popes, four kings and eleven presidents of the Italian Republic.


From to the Colosseum with limousine service, or the Coliseum, originally the Flavian Amphitheatre Amphitheatrum Flavium, is an elliptical amphitheatre in the centre of the city of Rome, Italy, the largest ever built in the Roman Empire. It is considered one of the greatest works of Roman architecture and Roman engineering.


From to the Trevi Fountain with limousine service. The Trevi Fountain is a fountain in the Trevi rione in Rome, Italy. Standing 25.9 meters (85 feet) high and 19.8 meters (65 feet) wide, it is the largest Baroque fountain in the city and one of the most famous fountains in the world.


From to the Imperial forums with limousine service, while not part of the Roman Forum, are located relatively close to each other. Julius Caesar was the first to build in this section of Rome and rearranged both the Forum and the Comitium, another forum type space designated for politics, to do so. These forums were the centres of politics, religion and economy in the ancient Roman Empire.


From to Piazza Navona with limousine service. Piazza Navona  is a city square in Rome, Italy. It is built on the site of the Stadium of Domitian, built in 1st century AD, and follows the form of the open space of the stadium.  The ancient Romans came there to watch the agones games, and hence it was known as 'Circus Agonalis'. It is believed that over time the name changed to 'in agone' to 'navone' and eventually to 'navona


Italian Limousine Network (tm) tours:


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Rome by night with limousine service

Tour 3 hrs. departure from Rome and return in Rome. Driving Rome by night discovering the magical atmospheres of illuminated squares, fountains, renaissance and baroque palaces. Rome, during the day, has one charm and one call done of art, culture and archaeology that mix themselves in a kaleidoscope of colours and feelings aroused in all the people visiting the city, but at night, when they turn on the lamp-posts in the road, when the fountains are illuminated making to seem them falls of light, when on the bridges, the light of the lamps gradually increases up to reflect its colours on the Tiber, resembling to an illuminated mirror, when the streets of the centre are full of people and lights, when monuments, churches and piazzas put in prominence their beauty with the complicity of the obscurity in a magic game of indirect light. For you your romantic evening will starts at the hotel or at the restaurant, where your driver and your private car will collect you and bring you to discover Fontana delle Naiadi, Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Piazza Venezia, Villa Borghese, Castel Sant'Angelo till to San Peter’s cathedral.


Shopping tour in Rome with limousine service


Half day 4 hrs. departure from Rome and return in Rome. Shopping is one of the most rewarding experiences in the fashion capital of Italy. The shopping itineraries allow you to visit the best shopping area in Rome at the Spanish Steps with all the best selected international brands or simply visit the best shops with the best proposals of the fashion "Made in Italy".

The cosmopolitan and thriving Rome is a great place for shopping, with designer outlets and department stores all over the city. Have a look at the foremost commercial road of Rome, Via Condotti, where you can find luxury Italian and foreign boutiques such as Bulgari, Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Cartier, Brioni, Modigliani, Battistoni etc. The great designers’ ateliers are in the so-called "quadrilateral" area, which includes the most refined elite shopping roads of the capital. Via Borgognona, Spanish Step, Via Bocca di Leone, Via Tomacelli, Via Mario dei Fiori, Via Belsiana, Via Gregoriana and Via del Babuino. On Via del Corso, alongside century-old shops, there are a variety of megastores that sell everything from leather goods to athletic wear and casual clothing. The historic centre is made up of an intricate network of small roads and piazzas, rendering the search for and discovery of shops, even more interesting as you pass-by delightful old hamlets, decorative baroque palaces and suggestive alleyways. If you have time, don’t forget to have a look at the small market in Via Sannio and at the popular flea market that is held every Sunday in the area of Porta Portese.




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City tour Rome baroque with limousine service


Half day 4 hrs. departure from Rome and return in Rome. Navona square - Pantheon - Palazzo Chigi –- Trevi Fountain Our tour will starts with Trevi Fountain (visit) that became famous after the Fellini’s movie “La dolce vita”.  It was begun in the year 1732 by Nicola Salvi and inaugurated in the year 1762. Let’s continue on our walking tour through the centre of Italian Political Area, Chigi Palace is the Government of Italy in Colonna Square, so called because of the Column of Marcus Aurelius Emperor. Montecitorio is the seat of the Chamber of Deputies (House of Commons), Madama Palace is the seat of the Italian Senate, they constitute the Parliament of Italy. We will visit the Pantheon (inside), erected by Hadrian Emperor in the II century a.D., he preserves the widest Dome in the world.  We continue reaching Navona Square (stop) realised on the ruins of the ancient Domitian’s Stadium, with the famous Fountain of the Four Rivers, Bernini’s masterpiece, father of Baroque style.




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